Making Metal Work


Metal Work

Understanding design and repair concepts is essential to maximising safety and minimising running costs of plant and equipment. Making Metal Work is a 3 day training course focused on structural failures and repairs, including the following topics:

  • Risk and Factors of Safety
  • Loads and Load Path
  • Material Properties
  • Types of Applied Loads
  • Stress Concentrations and Stress Flow
  • Fatigue of Welds and Bolted Joints
  • Techniques for Improving Life of Repairs
  • Importance of Welding Parameters
  • Failure Analysis / Fracture Morphology
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Case Studies

Numerous models are used to illustrate the concepts described, including:

  • Polariscope for visualisation of stress concentration
  • Bolting model for how preload affects cyclic loading
  • Buckling jig to demonstrate various end constraints
  • Models for neutral axis, bending, shear and torsion
  • Model to illustrate shear centre and the correct placement of reinforcement
  • Fractured components are used to show different failure modes

Assessments are done after each section of work with a combination of multiple choice and calculation type questions.   These are worked through with the class in a tutorial style before moving to the next section.

Each participant is provided with a 2nd Edition copy of the book Metal Where It Matters as well as copies of the slides used in the classes.