Making Metal Work

Fundamentals of Loads, Stresses, Materials, Failure Analysis and Repairs

Understanding design and repair concepts is essential to maximising safety and minimising running costs of plant and equipment. Making Metal Work is a 3 day training course focused on structural failures and repairs, including the following topics:

  • Risk and Factors of Safety
  • Loads and Load Path
  • Material Properties
  • Types of Applied Loads
  • Stress Concentrations and Stress Flow
  • Fatigue of Welds and Bolted Joints
  • Techniques for Improving Life of Repairs
  • Importance of Welding Parameters
  • Failure Analysis / Fracture Morphology
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Case Studies

Numerous models are used to illustrate the concepts described, including:

  • Polariscope for visualisation of stress concentration
  • Bolting model for how preload affects cyclic loading
  • Buckling jig to demonstrate various end constraints
  • Models for neutral axis, bending, shear and torsion
  • Model to illustrate shear centre and the correct placement of reinforcement
  • Fractured components are used to show different failure modes

Assessments are done after each section of work with a combination of multiple choice and calculation type questions.   These are worked through with the class in a tutorial style before moving to the next section.

Each participant is provided with a 2nd Edition copy of the book Metal Where It Matters as well as copies of the slides used in the classes.