Metal Where It Matters

The successful repair of failed components on plant, vehicles and equipment is critical to safety and reliability.

This book aims to assist maintenance personnel understand the causes of failure, load path, stress concentrations and why things break.  It outlines some basic theory in materials, structural analysis and how to design effective weld repairs.

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The safe and reliable performance of equipment is critical to the operations of a wide range of industries, in particular those with high capital cost plant.  When failures occur it is essential that the repairs executed are successful and further damage does not occur.

The book provides information on the principles of structural analysis, material properties and behaviour under load, stress concentrations and mechanisms of failure including buckling, fatigue and fast fracture.

It provides guidance on how to implement effective repairs on cracked or broken components, however this book does not offer technical advice on the actual welding process (since numerous welding resources are readily available).  It is relevant to anyone involved in the maintenance and repair of heavy equipment and machinery.

With 166 Figures and 77 colour photographs it was written by Jim Haggart, a professional engineer with over 50 years’ experience in the heavy machinery and construction industries.  Originally published in 2003, it has been revised and republished by CMP Engineers, with 2nd Edition edits by Ryan Fry and Peter Hockings, both practising mechanical engineers with extensive experience in the analysis and design of machinery.


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