Acoustic Treatment of Mobile Machinery

Reduced Machine Noise with Designed Acoustic Isolation

CMP Engineers has been involved in the cost effective acoustic treatment of mining equipment for a number of years. The company has designed a number of vehicles with ROPS cabs which are acoustically treated to provide acceptable levels of noise at the operator position.

CMP Engineers has also been involved (and are currently involved) in the acoustic treatment of various items of mining equipment to provide acceptable external noise levels to permit deployment in various regions of the Hunter Valley and other noise-sensitive areas. The equipment includes large rear-dump trucks, large hydraulic excavators, blast-hole drills and large wheel loaders. Treatment techniques include substitution of quieter fans, addition of absorbent material and acoustic barriers, larger mufflers, and acoustic louvres.

The design process attempts to minimise the additional mass required, and pays particular attention to retaining good access for maintenance. The treatment is designed in modules for simple attachment to standard machinery, and is fully documented, allowing for ready repair or replacement in the future.