Dragline Ventilation & Dust Filtration

Testing, Modelling and Design to Improve Airflow and Reduce Dust

CMP Engineers has the in-house expertise to conduct comprehensive ventilation audits and provide solutions to dragline ventilation and cooling problems.

CMP Engineers use various analysis tools including thermal imagery, which is useful in identifying specific heat generating components requiring additional cooling (and usually coincides with low airflow regions).

CMP Engineers have a large database of information on dragline ventilation system performance within the industry and can use this to compare supply airflow volumes and house pressures. We use CFD models of the complete dragline machine house and components in order to analyse and compare various airflow inlet and outlet configurations.

Through the adjustment of supply airflow directions and exhaust airflow quantities and locations, we can improve heat transfer rates by driving high velocity airflow over critical areas.

Improved cooling reduces thermal stresses and subsequent degradation of commutation components at DC motors as well as improving the life of gearbox oil.

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