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Modal testing of VAST Solar’s Heliostats

CMP Engineers were delighted to be involved recently in VAST Solar’s concentrated solar power project for Mt Isa which is designed to deliver 50 MW of baseload power. The system uses an extensive array of mirrors (known as heliostats) to focus sunlight on to receivers which generate and store power via an innovative molten salt

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A dragline engineered with lower IBS ropes.

Less Is More – When Removing Metal Reduces Stresses

In our consulting work, we come across many instances of “TLAR engineering”, ie using “that looks about right” principles to make simple engineering decisions in the field. And a particularly common TLAR practice when faced with structural failures is “if it broke, add more metal”. With a little bit of engineering common sense, this often

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Truck Stability and Rollover Analysis

A client recently approached us as they were considering modifications to a fleet of off-road trucks, including softening the rear suspension. They asked us to look at the safety implications of doing this; in particular, whether there would be an increased risk of vehicle rollover. One method which has gained recent popularity for assessing the

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